Founded in 2007 as a member of Freemount Group, Harrenmedia reunites more than 90 professionals with a management team of more than 150 years of expertise in the digital market. Maintaining offices in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Israel, Uruguay and representatives in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and Chile. Harrenmedia is a leading company in the online advertising market.



Strategies that will increase your company’s online reach and awareness and develop a positive image


Technologies that will help you reach the desired audiences


Analysis and monitoring of online campaigns


Lead generation and online sales


Providing relevant information to agencies and advertisers about their target audiences

Monetize Publishers. Monetize your
inventory, maximize your benefits

Join our portfolio combining ultimate Real Time Bidding technology and dedicated account managers. We will follow up with every detail to maximize your profit. You will have access to top advertisers around the world, exclusive offers and daily optimizations to ensure 100% fill rate; for us, every impression counts.

Our formats
Standard IAB banner
Floating ads
Rich Media
Video-Pre Roll
Multiple payment methods
Flexible payment terms
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through Wire Transfer
Advertise Advertisers and Agencies.
Optimize your budget

As a forward thinking company, Harrenmedia knows the importance of optimizing a client’s budget in order to get better results. Our targeting technologies will help reach the right audience & maximize ROI, and our wide access to inventory will allow an increase in brand´s reach and awareness.

Our competitive advantage consists on always being ahead of the market, developing innovative platforms, new technologies and tools that provide a wide range of formats, buying models, and services destined to cover a 100% of our advertisers planning needs.


Programmatic Marketing Platform


Highly Targeted Highly Effective

Our PMP technology combines both DSP (demand side platform) & DMP (data mgmt. platform) capabilities resulting in a highly effective media purchase.


Advertisers and Agencies are able to purchase inventory on multiple exchanges through one single platform. Optimization algorithms help obtain valuable impressions maximizing CTRs & ROI through a RTB purchase model. Our technology provides access to the right audiences.


Clusters of users are generated based on the users anonymous web-surfing activity. Our technology allows us to target these users, redirecting communications in the right place and at the right time, making it more relevant to the user.

Sniper DMP
SNIPER DMP is our proprietary Data Management Platform, with access to more than 950 million unique users worldwide. It combines our own data with 3rd party data, providing a broad range of audiences.

Sniper DMP offers analytics about the available data from different sources. It helps understand the relevancy of each audience for your campaign.

Choose your target wisely in order to maximize ROI. Analyze, organize, and create your own clusters. Sniper DMP is the smart way to buy data.


Our aim is to deliver relevant content and ads to users. Still, we understand that some may want to fully opt-out. Do to so please click here.

We offer this solution for performance advertisers that want to promote their products online; making their online marketing investment smart and highly cost effective. Adbazaar provides all the available sources of inventory in one single platform; buys on real CPA values and volume.

Adbazaar is an all in one performance platform

Adbazaar is also a solution for publishers that need to monetize their local and international inventory. They will be able to distribute appealing offers to their audiences and earn commissions based on results. For more visit adbazaar.net/en.

Why only Desktop?
Broaden your reach. Online surfing habits have been changing and will continue to do so. Don't miss out! It´s time to have presence in all devices.

People use their phones while doing other activities (watching TV, listening to music, reading Newspapers, etc). People also, do all these activities on the phone. There isn’t a time frame to access users. They are always

on! HarrenMobile offers a vast range of opportunities to access your audience. Each strategically approaches the user in terms of your campaign's goal.
Learn more on lat-mob.com.


We have the technology for brands to reach their target through video content. Our tools will help spot out and engage the right audience. We offer 3 different formats: Videobanner 300x250, Video on Facebook and Preroll, which will all maximize your Youtube Views!.


Select Format

Facebook Video

Pre Roll
Harren Inbox specializes in email marketing and list management. Under the permission marketing principle and focused on being a premium service for Latin America orientated brands, Harren Inbox has the largest opt-in network in the region.

Harren Inbox has more than 8.000.000 opt-in users that approved receiving com-munications via email. Consequently, it allows brands to communicate only with clients and contacts that already accepted to receive emails, no junk email or spam.

Speed, faster response &
targeted MKT


Increased number
of site visits and conversions


Highly personalized multi formats Interactivity


Outstanding ROI higher investment return


Virality &
measurable results

Native Ads
Native and contextual Ad Unit wich generates incredible traction rates and a high user interaction. Promoted article is presented to the user as part of the site he’s visiting. Taking context of this to make it effective and relevant. Ads will be shown to the user as recommended content for them depending their interests and previous searches.



Our search marketing division offers you the chance for your website to appear on the advertising links called sponsored search results on major internet search engines.
Our team is certified in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Bing both for search advertising and content networks belonging to these companies.


Our robust relationship with Google & Yahoo will allow us to provide solutions delivering not just clicks but a search campaign



with performance objectives (KPIs) resulting in a win - win, thus going "far beyond the click".


Harrenmedia offers strategies of "engagement" and brand reputation, as well as generation of commercial content - ensuring viral and strategic actions within social sites like Facebook & Twitter.




Branded Youtube videos with social network sharing options.


Tweets Viewer

Shows last 3 tweets of your brand keeping users updated and allowing them to follow the brand in Twitter.


Social Connect

Connect brands with social network users.



Integrate your main social networks in one interactive multi-tab banner.

Social Ad has been integrated as our own tool for monitoring, measuring & analyzing audiences on social networks.

It offers deep insights about consumers and adds quality info to develop new strategies for engagement. Visit socialad.biz.

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If you’ve made it this far, chances are you want to talk business. If you are interested in learning how Harrenmedia can improve your online advertising results then you just need to fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you immediately. Office´s contact Usa: +1 305 359 0175